Saturday, May 1, 2010

Surname Saturday: JP's and JD's Taylor and Daviss

Joseph Paul Daviss and James D "Jake" Daviss
The Maternal and Paternal side of it all.

Joseph Paul Taylor, the handsome man on the left is from Marshall Texas.
He is the father of my maternal grandmother Essie Dean Taylor, and son of Mariah Taylor and step-father Lawrence Taylor. According to several sources he was born btw 1865-1867 in Jonesville, Harrison County Texas. Known as JP, he passed away in Kaufman County Texas in 1951.
He is buried in Marshall Texas at the St. Johns Baptist Church Cemetery.

James D "Jake" Daviss, the handsome man on the right was born in North Carolina around 1856. The city and county is unknown. He is the father of my paternal grandfather James Penn Daviss and the son of Hubbard and Elizabeth Davis (oral history). When and how James D Daviss came to Texas has not been established but his footprints stretch from numerous counties as a doctor. James D passed away in Houston Texas in 1921 and was buried at the historically black Evergreen Cemetery.

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