Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stormy Weather: Letter To Percy Moore

I have been looking at the weather channel for two days. Watching and hoping that my family, friends and other folks will be careful as the snow storm moves through the northeastern part of the USA.

Part of my thoughts are also on the Arizona Cardinals as they make their way to North Carolina to play the Carolina Panthers in that treacherous weather they are not used to playing in.

As I am watching TV, I am also going through my messages in my email and on Facebook.

Wow, I sure have been lax on answering a few.

As I looked at my computer, one message caught my eye.

I guess the weather and the message is playing a big part of my thoughts and so are memories of a time gone by.

So I humbly and eagerly submit an open letter.

Letter to Percy Moore: 

My dear friend Percy,

I went through my FB messages and saw an old message that you had sent asking a very pointed question.

I saw also that I had not gotten back with you to answer that question.

To be truthful I had been through many issues and had completely forgotten that I needed to respond.

I scratched my head and tried to bring up memories that would satisfy your request but could not come up with an answer.

I even made a few telephone calls to see if anyone else knew the answer.
I came up blank that way as well, but during those calls I made, the answers were all the same.

“I wish I knew too”

I thought the answer was buried in my brain. I tried and tried with memory and with “works.” No such luck!

So here I am and I do want to apologize to you for my late response and to tell you Nooooooooooo!!!

Nooooooooooo, I do not know Marie Freeman’s
 recipe for the best chili in the world which she served after hours in the Little Elks.

Like all the others “I wish I knew”

So Percy, here is to the memories and those delicious bowls of chili. (Without beans of course.)

Oh yeah Percy, forgive me also for using the  way, way, way back in the day picture. This was the only one I could get to quickly in my IBPOE of W stash. 

For the Chili Queen Marie:

Rest in perfect and peaceful paradise Sally Marie Freeman.