Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On the Hunt

I happened to be scrolling thru the net last night and came across an old posting from a cousin of mine. I have never met this cousin but I do know that he was on my paternal fathers line. His father and my father are brothers but have different mothers. Any how the email addy for him has changed but I will try and see if I can locate him through other means.

The post that I am speaking about is a reach out for his mother whom he is trying to locate. The name for her is very unusual. Prascovie Sedimenta Hutton. I believe that she was married to Wright Cuny Daviss/Davis but have not verified this as yet. Boy what a name she has! I piddled around last night on Ancestry but with out success.
I know that my Uncle lived in Altus Okla and I am sure that was where she resided. Where she is now is the mystery.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why Mariah's Zepher

Mariah is my elusive gg-grandmother and Zepher is my mother, Mariah's g-granddaughter. It is amazing to me that both names have a little to do with the wind. There was a song "They Called The Wind Mariah", and Zepher is a known as a gentle breeze.

Mariah the wind I imagine is all over the place. That's probably why I can't find my gg grand on the 1870 and 1880 census. One day she will calm down and blow right into that page that I have overlooked, ease my mind, then watch me do a happy dance.

Now Zepher was something herself. A gentle lady who knew how to calm your nerves, made you laugh gently or laugh where your whole body would shake. Make no mistake though, she did not play when it came anyone taking advantage of her kids. She was then like a Nor'easter.

I started this blog in their honor. Mixing in a little Texas genealogy and history, a few funny stories as I go along as well as other tidbits.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ain't That Sad

I can’t help but wonder
what will become of the children of color
especially when they have parents like none other
none other than the mother whose habits span beyond
50 bucks a day
replacing that with the love that could have gone
her childs way.
Now Ain’t that sad !

Then we have the man-child who says he’s the baby’s dad
but refuse to spend
one moment, one cent, one smile,
one pat on the back, one I love you,
one hold of a hand,
Now tell me, Ain't that sad,

How do you expect that child to get to Church and stay
if parents like you don’t show them the way
Now, Ain’t that sad !
Look way back in time,
you saw your mama go
Grandma too
Give them kids a chance
The same way they gave you

You won’t be sorry you should know
With Christian experience
you can watch them grow.
He never expects us to be perfect
but be obedient to his Word
Listen to that song from long ago
in case you have not heard

“Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so”
it also says “We are weak but he is strong”
Let Him come into your life where he belongs
Now turn that weakness to a strength
You will find blessings that are heaven sent

Give those kids and yourself a chance
then don’t look back for a second glance.
Then you will see
Time will reveal a brand new you
And take away that “Usta” be Me
Take away “ain't that sad”
Change it to Peace, Joy, love
Now, ain’t you glad!!!!!