Saturday, April 28, 2012

Az Cards Draft Picks vs My Genealogy Draft Picks

The Arizona Cardinals 2012 Football Draft Picks Vs My Genealogy Picks As I Know And Want Them:

Now why in the world could this happen; I was minding my own business looking for ancestors on the computer when the 2012 Draft came on.

I was intense in my thoughts when my mind started to drift from one to another. The next thing I knew they announced the first pick for the Arizona Cardinals.

When I found out the pick was from out of Indiana my mind went to the time I was there a couple years ago. As the picks went, I started to weave and weave and weave.

These are my findings as strange as it seems to those who don't understand the mind of a genealogist. Chuckles to those whose minds are quirky like mine.

Football 1st selection: Michael Floyd: Notre Dame in Indiana: Home State W Va

Genealogy: My first teeth chattering experience was in Indiana at the National Black Genealogy Summit held in Ft Wayne.
My maternal 4th Gr Grandfather Joseph Tolbert according to the 1870 Harrison County Texas Census was from Indiana. Joseph was married to Lucy Tolbert the parents of my 3rd great grandmother Elizabeth.

Football 2nd selection: Jamell Fleming: Oklahoma: Home state Texas

Genealogy: Wright Cuney Daviss principal of Lincoln HS in Altus Oklahoma and avid Sooner was my uncle and my father Theodore's brother.
I also lived in Okla for a time.(WC aka Prof Daviss and I are Texans.

My search went to Creek County,Bristow Oklahoma where I found William E and lilaBelle Holmes who are the Gr-Grands of my daughter.

Football 3rd Selection: Bobby Massie: Ole Miss in Mississippi: Home state Va

Genealogy: Lydia Cooper Zephyr my paternal great aunt, daughter of Louis and Mary White Cooper married Isom Zephyr from Mississippi; (my genealogy buddy Selma Stewart swears by maps and says all roads lead to Va)

Football 4th Selection: Senio Kelemete: Univ of Washington: Home State Washington

Genealogy: Lloyd Williams son of Darling and Mary lived in Seattle and well as June Williams Petersen daughter of Frank and Zepher Williams who lived in Federal Way. The strong Williams lines are in San Jacinto County Texas by way of louisiana,Tennessee and Virginia.

Football 5th Selection: Justin Bethel: Presbyterian College South Carolina
Home State South Carolina

Genealogy: Augusta (Gusta)Spann Howard 2nd Gr-Grandmother and mother to Wade Spann was from South Carolina according to the 1870 Harrison County Texas census.

Football 6th Selection: Ryan Lindley: San Diego State: Home State California

Genealogy: I was married in Los Angeles at the home of Charlie and Lula Taylor. Charlie is the grandson of JP and Frances Dickerson Taylor of Harrison County Texas and the son of Charlie Louis and Elizabeth Stenson Taylor.

My daughter Latisha was also born in California as well as her cousins Trinya,Tracy,Anthony and Bryan.

Football 7th Selection: Nate Potter Boise State: Home State Idaho

Genealogy: I am thinking very hard about Boise.

I did not come up with a connection so when I take a trip to the Louvre after winning the lottery, I will leave a note at the statue Louvre,the Woman Thinker. After all she thinks harder than I do. I can tell that by the lack of clothes.