Sunday, May 12, 2013

Me With My Dumb Butt:

I don't want to take a joke to far but:

I woke up in a mild sweat, grabbed the first piece of paper (old envelope) I found and a pencil.

Quickly I wrote, " hands on hip with palms out," "man," "Alabama", "head on ground",  "round, smooth dark skin"," "Derby" "portly face", "lying flat on ground"

I then started to put the pieces together.

The Dream:

My sister friend Carolyn,(who had spent over 25 yrs off and on with my brother) and I were standing in a line somewhere when I told her to look at that man in line over there.
He's standing there all proud with his hands on his hips.

I giggled a little and said, he looks funny with his hands on his hips and his palms outward like that. He acts as if he does not want to touch the inside of his hands on his pants.

I giggled again and  wondered what he looked like from the front. 
From the back he was tall and slender, but those hands positioned like that threw him off.

Carolyn replied, he is from Alabama I bet; all the men stand like that are from Alabama. 

Alabama, Alabama!!! why, I am  going to be researching and looking for my folks in Alabama. That is, if I ever get out of Texas with my research.

Me with my dumb butt walked over to him to ask those simple words...who are your people in Alabama. :) 

When I got to where he was, all I could see was a head on the ground. No body just a head. What happened to the tall man?

Do you think I took off running. Nope! not in this dream I didn't. 

I laid down on the ground facing him and asked, " are you from Alabama?" 

The head smiled. He had a fat portly face, dark skin and a deep smile with dimples. He had a hat on his head that looked like a derby that men wore back in the twenties. 
He then shook his head yes and smiled wider.

Me again with my dumb butt asked, 'who's your people and what was your mother's maiden name?" 

The head said, Jo Hopkins!

That's when I woke up and looked for something to write with.

I turned on my computer went straight to Ancestry and tried to find a Jo Hopkins. 

I had no luck looking in Texas and Alabama but I sure tried to find that clue somewhere.

(I don't know what that dream meant but I at least looked at it as a clue.)

That was on a Sunday when I had the dream.

Monday's Conclusion I Think:

On Monday, my grand-daughter and I went to take care of a few errands, one being the Credit Union. 

I sent her in with my card but she quickly came out saying that I had to come in because she was not on the card according to their policy.
I went in, stood in line, teed off because I had to get out of the car.

I will be durn if I did not see a tall man with hands on his hips just like in my dream. His palms were facing outward.  I froze! 

Me with my dumb butt did not ask him if he was from Alabama.

Nor did I lay down on the floor like a fool. 

I stared at him for a long time looking up and down from his face to his hands.

He looked nothing like "the head". 

The lady in the office located next to the line came out and said that their system was down and that they could not process anything for a while.
She had no idea when it would come up, but she would be happy to do the paper work and input the information later. 

I quickly ran into her office. Not that I was scared mind you of the man with his hands on his hips but eerily weary of what I should do. 

Should I say, excuse me sir but....or... can I ask you a question sir.... or... I don't want to sound silly sir, but... Whew my head was spinning.

When I finished my transaction, I glanced and saw that the man with the outward palm was still there. 
I went out the front door, started my car up and left.

Now I am wondering if that man was named Hopkins. Did I miss my chance?

I don't know but I sure as heck didn't ask.