Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On the Hunt

I happened to be scrolling thru the net last night and came across an old posting from a cousin of mine. I have never met this cousin but I do know that he was on my paternal fathers line. His father and my father are brothers but have different mothers. Any how the email addy for him has changed but I will try and see if I can locate him through other means.

The post that I am speaking about is a reach out for his mother whom he is trying to locate. The name for her is very unusual. Prascovie Sedimenta Hutton. I believe that she was married to Wright Cuny Daviss/Davis but have not verified this as yet. Boy what a name she has! I piddled around last night on Ancestry but with out success.
I know that my Uncle lived in Altus Okla and I am sure that was where she resided. Where she is now is the mystery.

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