Monday, May 3, 2010

Mondays Madness: Teshan Young, A Texas Turmoil For Me

I first became interested in Ms Young and her family when I saw that there was a Ida Dickerson listed in the household on the Harrison County Texas Census. I went on a search looking for who this Ida was because my great grandfather Charlie Dickerson/Dixon had a daughter named Ida. So the best way to do that was to see if I could follow the Youngs in case this would lead to a tie.
The next thing I came across was a Texas Slave Narrative where I found Ms Young. Here is a snip-it of that narrative:

Teshan Young , 86, was born a slave to Easkner Scott , who owned a plantation in Harrison County, Texas, and had over one hundred slaves, Teshaw married Moses Young in 1867 and lived near her old home until 1916, when she moved to Fort Worth. She lives in a negro settlement on the catskirts of Stop Six, a suburb of Fort Worth.

The rest of the narrative can be found listed here:,%20Thesan.html

I then went in searching again and found a Death Certificate for Ms Young. The cause of her death caused my heart to sink. She died in a house fire!

I am now trying to find a newspaper article that may give more insite to what may have caused the fire and perhaps have some mention of the great aunt Ida Dickerson Anderson.

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