Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Monday's Sentimental

Memories are awesome aren't they? A couple of years ago my sister and I were reminiscing about my mother who passed away in 1994. One of my moms favorite sayings was That's it,That's all!. We recalled what she used to say to each one of the kids. I sat down and wrote a poem. When I need a smile, I read that poem. Today May 24,2010 would have been her 86th Birthday. I am in my "mama mood" Happy Birthday Mama!

That's It, That's All!

Get in the house, Shut the door
Stay in the yard,You want some more
Put that guitar down its half past one
Finish your homework cause you're not done
I love you

Pick up your clothes. Hang them up
Wash your hands, its time to sup
Say your verse, slow down when you eat
Empty the trash, wipe your feet
Bruce I love you

Do you think money grows on trees
Put that money in church, don't forget to say please
You want to run away, I will help you pack
don't forget to put the brown coat in your sack
Richard I love you

What goes on in this house stays in here
Let me make myself perfectly clear
Always carry an extra dime
You better be home from school on time
I Love you

Just so you know you should be proud
God had a way of picking you out in a crown
Never be ashamed of the color of your skin
it all begins and ends from within
Theodore I Love you

You know this hurts me more than you
Stand up straight, hold your head up high
Love will come again now don't you cry
Get your butt up and don't be slow
Off to the hospital you must go
I have another grand baby on its way
You can see that your water broke
now don't delay
Grandchildren are precious as can be
for I am the root that's the Taylor in me
Vicky I love you

From her hospital bed we heard her say
"I'm so glad you came to see about me
Can't you just stay until three"
I just want all you kids to get along
as brothers and sisters that how you belong
Especially since my time is near
for the man upstairs to take me away from here
I am the Kings kid now don't forget
God is Love, He hasn't failed me yet

I love you

Now, That's It, That's All!


hummer said...

How sweet and loving your comments are. I love your blog. It is easy read and full of researched information. Thanks for taking the time.

Mile Lane Memories said...

Aww, that's an awesome poem. You go Ms. Vicky!

Ms Vicky said...

Thank you so much for taking time to read and to make a much grateful comment

Ms Vicky said...

Now Mile High, you know I appreciate you! thanks my friend

Renate said...

Vicky, this is really great -- such a touching and rhythmic poem! :)

I real this earlier in the day, and tried to leave a comment, but couldn't. I'm so glad it was in my reader this evening so that I could enjoy it again. I can always tell how very much you and your siblings loved your mom, and I pray that you are heeding her advice to "get along as brothers and sisters". That's such a great gift if you're able to do it! :)


Ms Vicky said...

Thanks Renate! We sure miss our mom and laugh about all the things she used to do.
Something was happening with the comment portion but its fixed now.
Again thx much!

Greta Koehl said...

Wonderful poem - so much personality and mother's wisdom!

Ms Vicky said...

Greta thanks much!

Terrence Garnett said...

Great Poem Vicky!!

Ms Vicky said...

Thx Terrence!