Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blessed Miracles: Delightful Donald's

This little fella sure changed everything. He was tumbling along all warm and cozy, a kick here and a kick there when his mother, my daughter, went for her regular prenatal checkup.
I was wondering why it was taking so long for her to come out of the waiting room. I had already read all the books that was placed along the tables and racks.

Finally the door opened and a the nurse came and told me that they were sending her straight to the hospital via ambulance.
They were concerned about her blood pressure being extremely high and it needed to get under control and fast.
In fact so fast that the hospital she was supposed to go to when it was time to deliver was not an option. They sent her to the closest one that was near her clinic.

Decisions had to be made. My daughter had to deliver in order to bring her pressure down and the little man was only about seven months in the womb and no where near ready to face the challenges in the world. The doctor needed to accelerate little mans lungs in order for him to make his entrance.

On October 20th, 2002 Tyler Donald did just that without a whimper. Was he too tiny to cry? I don't know but he was among the living and for that I was grateful. His dad Victor, grand-dad Alford and me were all in the delivery room as our little miracle was gently whisked away to the confines of an incubator.
There was plenty of room in the incubator because he was the size of my hand. Taylor, his sister was upset that she was not allowed to see the delivery. It was however for her own good because of the uncertainty of her mothers condition.

My daughter Latisha got out of the hospital after about a two week stay. Her blood pressure was finally back to normal and she could hardly wait to do the baby to breast technique that mothers do to make them feel as if they are in the womb. She would place him to her bare chest for a limited time because he needed to get back into the incubator.

When Tyler was able to come home, he came weighing four lbs attached to a heart monitor that would sound off when his rhythm was off. He was also on plenty of oxygen to help him with his breathing.

Seven years later, all is well. He has a squeegie (the kids correct me when I say that instead of saying Inhaler) and a breathing machine at home in case he needs it. He is no longer on oxygen and the trips to the hospital late at night have ceased.

His sister Taylor who is ten years older than him are kinda like joined at the hip.
She is like my mama opinionated. Smart as a whip too. I claim naming her after the Taylor family name, no matter what her mother says.
Their mother and I jockey for position but that's alright. We know how it is when the power of God's goodness gave my daughter two miracles: Two beautiful children to love unconditionally.
And me as the grandmother, what else could they ask for!

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