Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Cousins, Two Peas in a Pod

L.K. and Zepher Lee: Two cousins, two Peas in a pod. Mama, thats Zepher Lee knows she is just like a gentle breeze on this picture. L.K. knows that when he is through taking this picture he would love to get his hands on that big bow and pull the end, just to see how long it really is.
They grew up, went their seperate ways but still remained best of cousin/friends.
In fact they even kept the same spitfire ways about them. Mischievous, funny, played to their own tune, and lived life to the fullest.
This picture was taken in Marshall Texas in the late twenties. I wish I knew who took them to the photography studio. It may have been Aunt Carmena, L.K.'s mother or mabe my grandmother EssieDean who is the mother of Zepher Lee.
I however would put my money on Frances Taylor their grandmother and my maternal great-grandmother. Oh, not that the parents of these two would not have done it but my instinct tells me who the real boss was.

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