Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lummie Glenn Russel, Sr

My longtime neighbor who we call Big Daddy passed away on the 6th day of March 2010. Big Daddy was a wonderful person who was loved by all the folks in the neighborhood. His family lived diagonally across the street from my house. For years on a Thursday morning this gentle soul would come in my yard and wheel the trash barrel out to the front of my house and bring it back after the trash truck passed. When Big Daddy got a little older and could not take his daily walks he would sit out in front of his house and wave as I drove on my way to work or back home.

Big Daddy married Bernice McCoy in Warren Arkansas and later moved to McNary Arizona to work in the lumber industry. Two of his brothers Jesse and David came with them. After 32 years when the industry slowed down, they packed up and moved to phoenix.

Lummie Glenn Russell Sr was born in Warren Arkansas on the Bradley Lumber Camp. His parents, Dave Washington and Sula Bradley Russell welcomed him on September 26,1907. This man had eleven children. He leaves behind nine of them along with 40 grandchildren, 91 great grandchildren, and 25 great, great grandchildren.

Big Daddy lived to be 102 years old. Can you imagine how much love this man gave, how much wisdom and knowledge he shared with others, and how great his reward is in Heaven.

RIP Big Daddy


CoAAG said...

102 years says it all ~ God bless his years and life. RIP Mr. Russell.


Ms Vicky said...

Amen Luckie Amen!