Thursday, March 25, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: 1936 Census Letter

This letter was found in an old logbook from The Little Flock Baptist Church in Navasota Texas. It is from the census bureau stating that they would like all Religeous Bodies in the United States to fill out a report of their congregation, meetings, missions and chapels. I wish that I could have found the schedule that was included on the back of this letter. I also wonder where these records are kept and can they be obtained. Were they destroyed after so many years.
It is so fitting that this letter was found at the time we are asked to send in our 2010 census information.


Renate said...

Wow.. I've never heard of this before. I, too, wonder where these documents might be housed? National Archives, perhaps???

Ms Vicky said...

Funny,how this piece just fluttered to the ground while I was reading a page in the book.
Hopefully I can find out soon.
Thanks for your comment