Friday, August 24, 2012

It Is What It Is Names And All

Okay, okay, so I made a mistake and left my computer at home. I didn't take it to Texas with me but I sure thought about it. I had put the charger in one of my bags that I packed along with the USB cord that goes with the camera. I was all set and ready to go.

I was half-way listening to the yak yak of my daughter, grandson and granddaughter as they wined " when will you have time to get on the computer, or Granny, can't you stay off the computer for one day, or " Nanta please".

All I needed at that point was a fiddle to play some sad blues song. So I unpacked my cords and kissed my computer goodbye.

I do know that If I would have had my computer It would have been a late night two fingered keyboard sonata as others were sound asleep. The sounds of tap n enter,tap n enter,tap n enter would make sweet music to my ears.

I could have down loaded all those pictures I captured with my camera to my computer. Well, all those pictures that actually came through.

I hit the off button on at least fifty pictures instead of the button you push to take the pictures. I silently wondered why the flash did not go off work and completely ignored the lack of the long pause of the pictures as they should have held and captured the pose.

When I asked my niece to show me how to go back and look in the camera at the pictures I had taken, her comment was " What Pictures?"

I could have deleted all the email that I accrued all those days I was going to be away.

I tried though to see where I could get on with out to much panic from the crew. I first looked at the computer room at the hotel but they only had two and those happened to be taken every time I walked by.

Later on that day,I looked in the room at my relatives and saw all that gorgeous equipment just waiting for me to ask if its alright if I logged on. (My inner mind could hear the sounds that I heard when we left the house for Texas so I changed my greedy thoughts.) I shook my head so loud trying to get rid of that sound that I got a headache.

I think I was having AfriGeneas, Ancestry, Heritage Quest, Facebook withdrawals. Pages like Black Family Historical Society, Our Black Ancestry, The Texas and Oklahoma Historical Pages, all at the same time cluttered my mind.

I was missing Keith Olberman, Rev Al, all my friends like Sharon Mc who posts tidbits through out the day; The Weather Channel, gobs and gobs of ancestors pictures that people post, all fighting for position in my brain.

Was hope all lost; Not yet:

My daughter bought her computer along with her because she still had home-work to do. So now I had an in. Woo hoo!!!

I could use it when she was not doing her homework. At Last! But, there is always a "but" in these situations.

Just when I was going full throttle, I heard this voice saying, "Mom, I need to do my homework now."
I felt like I was at the Casino, my machine had just started to hit and it was time to go.

As William Bendix used to say, "What a revoltin development this is."

Anyway, the next day, it was time to pack up and head back home. I was feeling pretty good even though we had this long 1100 mile stretch.

We pulled into one of the numerous rest areas and a sign caught my eye.

What!!! Why in the world would the "Internet Teasers" do this to me. Me with no
computer, durn it! Oh well, maybe it was best because I would have made up for all I missed right there in the wide open spaces surrounded by big long haul trucks, cars and three angry people. LOL

My mind then went back to Texas and wondered who may have named their child Texas, or Alabama, or Georgia. Then one of my Genie buddies Georgia Adams came to mind along with a Genie partner Art Adams. So, me being me, I did a search...

My attempt at the search begins with Adams:

The Adam surname is of English Origin thought to be from the first man Adam according to Genesis.

Texas is from the Caddo Indian word " Teyshas" meaning friends. In 1540 The Spanish explorers took it to be a tribal name and recorded it as Teyas or Tejas.

Texas Adams was living in Georgia according to the 1900 Baldwin County Census. Texas was born in Georgia, her father was born in Georgia and her mother Florida. Go figure
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Georgia was named in honor of King George the 2nd of England.

Now Georgia Adams was Williams mother in law of. She was born around 1835 in Alabama according to the Marengo Alabama 1900 Census. Another go figure because both of her parents were born in Alabama.
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Alabama named after the river first called Alibamu and the local Native American Tribe. Alabama was thought to be derived from two Choctaw names Alba and Amo.

Aha, now we have a 1910 Leflore County Oklahoma Census! Alabama Adams was born in Arkansas but both her parents were from Alabama. Now that's one that I can figure.
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Happy Searching if you have a State, County, City, Town, Village or Hamlet named after your ancestor.

My nephew Phoenix will have his namesake story to tell as he rises and makes his mark in the world.


Velma said...

This is wonderful and I am so happy to see that another Texan has done work on her family Tree. Being the youngest of twelve children, with dad being born in 1894 and mom in 1906 I got so much information stored in my then little brain,which made my research easier. I just had to validate names and from that I was able to go back to 1580 Ndunga Africa. Today it is Angola. I learned a lot, shared a lot, and today cannot wrap my mind around what my ancestors and relatives went through to become apart of this American Tapestry. Especially,
after slavery, when the Black Codes were put into place. After learning and reading about the Black Codes, teaching History I then understood, why so many Southern Black Communities were behind the tracks. Please continue to pass on your information, as I do to help our younger relatives to appreciate their roots more.

Ms Vicky said...

Thank you so much Velma for reading blog. Texas has been quite the challenge for me but love researching. I have learned so much about Texas history since I started my family research. I commend you for how far you have gone in yours. Congrats and God Bless.