Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here Dear: Mrs Williams, Here's To You!

For years now I have called my brother and sister in law's house. My brother Richard was not that much of a talker and so whenever I called and wanted to talk for a long time I talked to Jeannie, his "Here Dear".

If Richard answered and he said a few words he would ask if I wanted to talk to Jeannie. Before I could say yes, he would say "Here Dear" .

I had learned many years ago when he felt good, when he did not feel good, when he was to busy to talk at length, so I just started asking for Jeannie.

The only time he would spend his vocal cords would be to ask what the heck is going on in Arizona? That started early on when the Arizona Governor rescended the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday to the 1070 Immigration Debacle and to the Tucson Tragedy. We would also talk fishing and sports. Other than that, it was " Here Dear"

Now comes my turn to salute you here Here-Dear

You are a strong woman who loved my brother, who took care of him through good times and hard times.

I can only imagine how hard you worked getting up at three and four in the morning getting things ready at Scratch Bake Bakery and then off to work full time.

How you got little sleep because the kids still needed to be taken care of and four young ones had to be a chore.

I can only imagine how hard you worked as my brother went from nearly slipping away before he got his transplant and taking care of him through his illness and still being a strong wife and mother.

I can only imagine how hard you worked as the years passed by and you and your family tried to lead a normal life through all the trials and tribulations.

I can only image how you all felt inside because of the passing of your mother in law Zepher Lee and your mother Ella Ree.

I can only imagine your love for your sister Dana as she goes through her illness at the same time as your husband and wanting the nearness of your other sister Diane.

I can only image how you felt after the births of the grand children and the joy of seeing them grow.

I do love you more than you know and somehow hope this small tribute on my blog will let you know that.

So Here Dear, here's to you !!!!

First this smooch to let you know that your cheek will hold the endless love me and the rest of my family feel for you.

Then this image of the red pants you wore when you caught my brothers eye.

And lastly this heart to let you know how much you are in "our" hearts and mind always and forever.



What a beautiful tribute to Aunt Jeannie. Thank you Aunt Vicky...... Tracy

Ms Vicky said...

You are welcome Tracy!

Kenyatta said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

How very thoughtful of you to give a tribute to the spouse of your beloved brother. It is acts such as these that demonstrate the true embodiment of family.

Ms Vicky said...

Kenyatta, thanks!!

Ms Vicky said...

Again my thanks to you Anonymous for your thoughtful words.

Myrna Williams Davis said...

Very loving salute to family.

Ms Vicky said...

Thanks Myrna..

Anonymous said...

I love you Aunt Jeanne