Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mother's Day 2018 : The Talk

                Mothers Day Talk With My Mama
                            As If She Were Here

Not a day goes by that I do not think of you
And I am more than sure that Bruce does too
We know with all our heart 
You wanted to stay and not leave us
But time!
Your love for all your children carried you 
Through the times you endured alone 
The one thing that you insisted was for us 
To always be spiritually strong
But time!

We often laugh and smile at the things
You used to say and do 
Back then we were your consumers
Innocent and guilty too
But time!

Tears, oh yes, I still have them 
As they well up in my eyes
And just as quick as they come
A remembrance so funny appears
But time!

 Like the time you cut off all your hair
To our surprise you were bald
A week later to  your dismay
It grew back straight as the day you cut it
But time!

"Oh Nooo she didn't " we  said
Years later, we laughed
Afros were "in"back then
But time!

Love and miss you
My smile is yours
Ingrained in my thoughts
Happy Mothers Day!

               Happy Mother's Day To You As Well
                          As If I Were There

 In Time
The tears will be less
You must confess
Though they will appear 
Now and again

Those quiet days and nights 
They won't be hard when visions
of me appear
Besides a tear or two lets me know
I am in your thoughts

I left you that way, strong yet soft 
loving and kind able to think, use your own mind
Being helpful to others is your strength
You will begin to see 
As the years progress 

Love your children as I have loved you
Throw a little of that love to others
So they may see the goodness in themselves
You know you mean it and they will too

Now, about my hair young lady!!!




Renate Yarborough Sanders said...

Well done, Vicky. Well done.

Happy Mother's Day. :)


Ms Vicky said...

Why Thank you Renate!