Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Road May Be Rough, The Reward Great In The End : Episode 6

The last episode of the PBS Series of  Many Rivers To Cross:  A wonderful experience to blog about through my eyes. 

We the people in order to form a more perfect union

Establish Justice

Secure perfect tranquility

Do provide for the common defense

Promote the general welfare

Secure the blessings of liberty 

Do ordain and establish this constitution to the United States of America 

River of Gratitude: Into this life some rain must fall

Tears of my parents and grandparents falling like rain. 

Thunderous sounds of my ancestor's spring forth a river of resilience

Synopsis: Episode one through six:

Many trials and tribulations but we survived

Rivers crossed because of our will to survive

To God Be The Glory for He gave us the ability to survive

Cross over those bridges built with the strength of our forefathers and foremother's quest to survive


Kristin said...

Hard to believe the series is over, isn't it?

Ms Vicky said...

{sigh!} so much more to learn Kristn.