Saturday, November 10, 2012

Broken Bruised Blessed and Bassett In Grimes County Texas

Did you ever wonder how life was right after Reconstruction in Texas.

African Americans registered to vote for the first time starting in 1867.

Those horrible Black Codes that were enacted by the 1866 11th Legislature in Texas was bent on keeping African Americans under the thumb of those who still thought blacks were inferior after the Civil war.

Thus my wondering is real as to the realization that my second great grandfather Louis Cooper actually got the chance to cast his vote. Or did he?

I found where he registered on July 29th 1867 on the 1867 Voter Registration Rolls in Grimes County Texas as well as one of my great-grandfathers John Lewis.

I am assuming that they took that walk together and picked up other brave neighbors along the way.

However, I was not able to identify Louis in the 1870 census or the 1880 census both in Grimes County Texas.

With all the mayhem that was prevalent in those times I often wonder if something may have happened to him as he went to the polls.
lets not forget the poll tax the Freedmen had to pay.

I see my first cousin's gg grandfather Ben Boges aka Boggess listed on the Freedman's Assessment Roll as paying a poll tax.

Another tax is the income tax or tax where it shows what the freedmen owned and paid.

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I also wonder how many men Louis Cooper knew who held office after Reconstruction.

Those were the brave men who against all odds wanted to help their families and community become whole after slavery. To have a better life as they began to
make it on their own, and to be protected by the laws that were supposed to be for everyone.

Men like A Houston Bassett.

Houston was born in 1857 in Grimes County. He was found in 1880 living in Davidson County Tennessee where he was boarding with the Clark family and going to school. I believe at this time he was attending Fisk.

Houston served as a Representative in the 20th Legislature serving Grimes County.

I know my grandparents knew him and his wife Cordelia Foster Bassett. They were next door neighbors in Grimes County, Navasota Texas. In fact my great aunt Bernice Cordelia Daviss Smith may have been named after his wife.

I would love to find out if there is a descendant connection to either one of them.

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Ancestry 1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 1, Grimes, Texas; Roll: T624

Houston has been cemented in the annals of history highlighted within these pages

What I also like is that this is also a verification of wife's maiden name of Foster

Houston A P Bassett descended into Heaven in Grimes County Texas and is buried in the Little Flock Cemetery. The same cemetery that my paternal ancestors are buried. May he Rest In Peace.

In this day and age although not political is another famous Bassett who undoubtedly stood on someone's shoulder. Its too bad she is not a Texan LOL


Kristin said...

You are right, it took some strong men and women to make it during those times. Interesting post.

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