Friday, August 6, 2010

Field Of Dreams, Knee Pads And All:

Its Football Season and with that said, I got to thinking!! Field Of Dreams

Thinking about the equipment they had back in the day when some of our ancestors may have played.
Back in the day when there were no lights, the teams had to play in the heat of the day or the blustery cold.

What about water! Did they get enough to quench their thirst as they ran around huffing and puffing for their team and their fans.

How was the water stored to keep them cool.
I wonder if they were in number two tubs with a block of ice or in one of those galvanized ones. Did they drink out of tin cups or cans or one of those huge ladles.

The colleges especially the HBCU's were not equipped with the best of uniforms, helmets and other gear that was needed to protect these men as they played the rough and tumble game of Football.

I would imagine though that the uniform condition did not matter too much when playing the schools in the towns in their vicinity as they were in the same shape.

The playing fields were straight out bare. (No artificial grass there) Running, banging, crashing to the ground!!! Pick themselves up, sometimes with a grunt here and there and do it all over again.

Those boys had to be really hurting and full of pain when getting hit on the field.
Then after a hard day of playing the game they loved so well, they had to go home and relax after pouring a nice hot bath.

I can also imagine though that they played their hearts out with as much enthusiasm as they do in these days except they were not getting paid.

I ran across this Picture of these football players who went to Bishop College in Marshall Texas. This was the football class of 1930.

I wish the squad had names of all the players. I was trying to get as close to the computer to see if any of these guys resembled any one in my family. There were a couple of names like Nellums, fullback, Flournoy, guard who was the captain of the team and Watkins played halfback.

Not a Texan, but worthy anyway LOL is The Black Cyclone of Wooster as Charles Follis(1879 - 1910)is know was reportedly the first African American to play football. Charles W. Follis,born February 3, 1879, in Cloverdale, Virginia moved to Wooster Ohio

In 1904, Follis signed a contract with the Shelby Athletic Club, later the Shelby Blues. With that contract, he became the first professional African American football player. Follis played on the team with Branch Rickey, the Ohio Wesleyan University student and future Brooklyn Dodger owner who would sign Jackie Robinson to integrate major league baseball in 1947.

As the 2010 football season rolls around, my brother Bruce, my two nephews Brian and Bryan are no doubt getting ready to rag on me, my daughter Latisha,and grands Taylor and Tyler.

Don't be surprised if the Arizona Cardinals come looking for a good fight in the town near you.

Me, I am going to go bird watching. GO CARDINALS!!!!

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